Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Send a Compliment: Go Ahead 'n' Give it a Try...

So, the other day I began thinking about the impact of a compliment, and how frankly they can make or break your day. Seriously, I, among many women I know, take what other women say to heart.
For example, the other day while on my way to a cafe, a woman on the T told me how much she  looooved my outfit, and immediately I felt wonderful. She turned my plain, OK run of the mill day into great in a matter of a few seconds, with just a few nice words.
Suddenly, I was cheerful and feeling GREAT about myself...not just for a few minutes, but for the whole freakin' day!
So now why, I ask, don't we dish out these sort of compliments more often? 
I feel like too many women get into the whole competitive ego thing, and feel the need to bring others down to make themselves feel good.
I've seen it many, many times, and I myself have even occasionally been a culprit of saying negative things about others, for god knows why. "Why is he with her?" "What the hell is she wearing?" "Get a new haircut!" These are just a few examples, but I've seen women get nasty behind other's backs. 
Why do we do this? Yes, it's OK to think not-so-nice things about others at times, but why bother saying them aloud? Where will that get us?
And even more so, if we have the time and energy to trash talk other women, why can't we set aside some time for the "nice talk," the compliments?
I think we all (including myself) need to step aside from the competitive cattiness that lays inside us at times, and start coming together as women. 
If a woman looks good, tell her! If you absolutely looooveee a shirt one of your coworkers is wearing, say something about it. If you've noticed a friend has lost a little weight, give her a compliment and tell her how great she looks. 
Really, a simple little compliment can really go a long way and completely turn someones day around, making it a little brighter. 
And the best part is, you'll feel good about yourself knowing you made a big change with a few little words. 


marybeth keener said...

Hey Rachel

I read your blog and love it. I think that you have great commonsense yet tell it like it is advice.

The only thing is, I can tell that a lot of research and thought goes into your information.
It is a shame not to be compensated for it. I understand that you are just starting out, and trying to find a following.
But eventually you may want to think about using your blog as ticlers to entice people to either buy your book or subscription newletter. (Think consumer reports and any number of nutrition newsletters)
Even if you had the ticklers lead to more information on a website that you could get advertising revenue from, at least you would be making money for all that effort!

I will let my young clients know about your blog. Good luck!!

Marybeth Keener

Rachel said...

Thanks Marybeth! That means a lot...and that's great advice you have...I'll have to look into that : ) -Rachel