Saturday, October 24, 2009

My Skinny Jeans Have Finally Seen the Light (And So Have I)

So, while this may sound shocking for many of you live-in-your-denim type folks, today was the first time in about 4 years that I actually wore jeans out during the day and felt good in them. 
It's not that I hate jeans, per say. In fact, there are more than 15 pairs of the damn things shoved in my drawer, most of them never even worn.
No, it's not that i hate jeans at all. It's that I hated them on me. I loathed them, detested them, cursed them for "making me look fat." Seriously, I went through the majority of my college nights out wearing dresses, leggings or anything else just to avoid putting on jeans. 
"But that outfit would look great if you wore jeans with it," friends would constantly say to me, as I shied away in my room, chickening out and slipping into yet another dress. 
But today I braved my fear and slipped into my new pair of Forever 21 skinny jeans and actually felt good. "Wow, OK, not so scary at all," I thought to myself as I zipped them up and got a glimpse of myself in my full-length closet mirror.
No, I didn't necessarily look "skinny" in my skinny jeans; I'm a curvy girl and I've accepted that. However, I looked healthy and good in them, and most importantly I felt good. I actually for once liked the way they hugged my body, and the way my butt looked in them, and that's a lot to say for a gal who doesn't like jeans, nor anything really that's too formfitting on my legs.
So today has been a huge stepping stone for me in my life: embracing my skinny jeans and my body all in one.
So now I challenge you to love your bod for what you've got as well (skinny, curvy, voluptuous, whatever) and put on a bold outfit tonight that you feel absolutely fabulous in. 

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