Sunday, October 4, 2009

Healthy Chick's Night Out: My Top 5 Diet-Friendly Drinks

OK, so just because I'm a "Healthy Chick" doesn't mean a girl can't have a little fun once in a while, especially on the weekends. Here are my top 5 healthier drinks of choice when I'm having a girl's (or shall we say, chick's) night out. 
1. Vodka+seltzer+a splash of cranberry juice
2. White zinfandel+seltzer (soda water) = Zinfandel Spritzer (This one's my mom's signature order every time we go to a restaurant and I must say the woman knows how to order a "skinny" drink--since half the glass is calorie free, you can enjoy this tasty delight guilt free)
3. Vodka+diet lime tonic+lime wedge
4. One shot (or two) of good tequila-none of that fake, crappy stuff. (Make sure you get the good stuff with 100% agave from Mexico so it's not loaded with sugar!) 
5. A glass of red wine (While it may have a few more cals than the white variety, red wine is good for your heart and is filled with antioxidants)
*Sorry beer drinkers: I don't like the taste of beer. But if I were a beer gal, I'd stick with light varieties and be very careful about serving sizes. Those mugs can be HUGE and can easily add up to hundreds (or thousands) of cals!

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