Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Glass is Half Full (Really, I Swear It is...)

Today at work, a friend and I began discussing positive energy, and how it can really change your (and everyone else's) entire mood when it's present.

You see, this friend of mine is one of those positive "glass is half full" kind of people. Even if she's had a crappy day, exhausted from not getting enough sleep or just spent the entire day caring for her baby son, she's usually in a perky, bright mood. She's definitely a go-getter, and really doesn't allow anything to get in the way of her optimistic outlook on life, because frankly, why should she?

"It just takes more energy to be mad and angry," she said. "Why not instead just be happy?"

I wish there were more people like her with this kind of outlook on life, more positive vibes going around in this universe. After all, positive people make everything happier and sun-shiny, and are simply just more fun to be around.

My dad is hands down the most positive person I know, and I truly believe he lives a happier, healthier more successful life because of it. He doesn't let anything get it his way, and always thinks out-of-the-box when faced with a problem or tough situation. And, even when he's having one of those days, he somehow knows how to bottle up his negative energy and not let it get in the way of his relationships with others. I cherish that.
My cousin Marissa also has that positive vibe about her, which in addition to the fact that she is just plain awesome, makes me want to be around her even more. Honestly, her outlook on life is just amazing because she finds the beauty in even the uggliest, worst situations.
I too think of myself as a pretty positive person, and know for a fact that when other's can't see the littlest good in anything, it's downright annoying. When you think everything is the absolute worst it could possibly be and say it out loud, people aren't going to feel bad for you (especially those positive people). They are going to want to distance themselves from you because those kind of thoughts are irrational and can bring down everyone's mood.

Yes, it's fine to have a bad day, and to complain or cry once in a while. But, sitting there moaning and groaning about how terrible everything is and listing off all the bad things in your life just isn't necessary. Because, like 99% of the time it's really not all that bad. And, even if it is really that bad, then why don't you use some of that energy, get out there and do something about it?

Really, it's time to make a change and let the negativity go once and for all. Take a long deep look at all the beautiful, positive things in your life, all of the good, and just let the rest drift away. Make a list if you have to. And then, cut all the complaining and moaning and groaning, and just smile.
As my mom always says,

"Quit frowning and just smile. Your face looks much prettier that way" (and that it does.)

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