Monday, October 12, 2009

7 Little Things to Tell Yourself When You Just Want to Hit SNOOZE. . .

We all have those days. You know 'em... You set your alarm the night before for 7 a.m. hoping to get in a good, long workout before the day begins. You're totally gung ho for your spectacular plan; that is, until 7:00 rolls around. 
You find yourself going back and forth, "Do I get out of bed or do I sleep in?" All of the sudden, that snooze button is looking pretty darn tempting, but before you give up and press it, try telling yourself these 7 motivational mantras. . . 
1. "If I work out I'll get endorphins and endorphins make me happy! (Think: Legally Blonde)
2. "It will feel so darn good knowing a million other people in the world are still asleep and I've already started my day. . . on the right foot too!"
3. "I'll look so freakin' good tonight in my skinny jeans, LBD or that hot little # hanging up in my closet..."
4. "Yes, it sucks right now physically getting out of bed, but I know afterward when I'm sweating and flushed I'll feel absolutely fabulous. I always do. It's inevitable."
5. "If I skip today, I'll skip tomorrow, and then the next day, and the next and the next..."
6. "I'm 5 lbs. to my goal weight, and can almost squeeze into my 'skinny jeans' that are hiding in the back of my closet. I. CAN. DO. IT."
7. "If I get my workout in now, I can take a bubble bath, shop online or all in all just be a bum the rest of the day, and not think about it. Lets face it: there is no way I'm gonna drag my butt to the gym after dinner, even if I say I will now..."

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