Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Live a Lil: Have a Cupcake Party!

When I was younger, well into high school even, my motto for life was "Live a Little!" especially when it came to food.
I remember one time after a winter ball in 9th grade, a big group of us went to Friendly's afterward with our dates; classy, I know. 
Anyway, as all the little pretty girls in their pretty little dresses contemplated whether to eat or not, a friend and I each ordered a HUGE ice cream sundae, decked out with all of the toppings.
"Hey, Whatever...let's just live a little!" I remember my friend saying to me with a huge grin.
Back then, it was easy to allow ourselves to live a little, whether it be with food, boys or life in general.
But now we have obligations, obligations to "keep it classy," hold ourselves together, make it on time to work or meetings, and somehow, in the midst of it all, also manage a healthy diet and weight.
I'm not going to lie. It's pretty darn hard. 
But that doesn't mean we all can't take some time to "live a little" once in a while, or even every day.
I forgot all about that easy, carefree childhood mindset for a while, that is until today when I came into work.
It was raining and my day was going so-so, actually worse than so-so because I had just tripped in the middle of the road...in the rain...in flip flops...in front of a car. Then my work buddy Carla said something to me that changed it all.
"I'm going to have a cupcake party soon and you're coming to it!"
Smiling brightly, her face lighting up, she continued...
"And we can have tea and make healthy snacks like fresh watermelon salsa, and then just decorate cupcakes to take home for the 'goodie bag.'" 
Right when she said goodie bag, my eyes lit up and I felt all warm and fuzzy inside.
That right there made my day, and made me wonder, why don't we all live a little, just a little more often?
Go ahead, take a bite of that freshly made bread, dig into the brownie mix and pretend you're a kid again for a day. You know you want to. And hey, it's just one day and we only live once.

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