Friday, April 17, 2009

"Thin Mint" Tummy Remedy

We all know that feeling when we eat just a little too much for dinner and feel like we're going to explode. It may be because you over-did it at your favorite restaurant, or maybe you ate way too fast. But good news for you: there is relief.

My new favorite after-dinner bloat remedy is... (drum rolls)...: PEPPERMINT TEA.

Studies have shown that peppermint relieves bloating by calming digestive muscles.

Simply brew one cup of hot peppermint herbal tea in a tea kettle post-meal and vuala: bloating be gone.

My favorite brand is Bigelow's Peppermint Herbal Tea (caffeine free), which also comes in lots of other yummy, soothing flavors like "Sweet Dreams" and "Chamomile." 

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