Monday, April 6, 2009

Guilt-Free Tuna Melt

The other day, I wanted to make something both delicious and filling for lunch. So I came up with this fabulous recipe for a tuna salad melt. Hope you enjoy!

-1 small can tuna
-1 TB olive oil
-Oregano(or herb of choice) to taste
-Dill to taste
-dash of salt and pepper
-1/2 apple (chopped)
-5-10 raisins
-1 piece Ezekiel bread (or whole wheat if you like) *I like Ezekiel because it's gluten free/wheat free and organic
-1 piece soy cheese (cheddar/jack/mozzarella, etc)
-few pieces arugula or spinach to top

1. Toast the bread with slice of cheese
2. In the meanwhile, mix together the other ingredients well
3. Spread the tuna on the bread and top with arugula
4. Eat the extras as a delicious side!

Mmmm : )

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