Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tips for a Thinner Turkey Day!

Thanksgiving is coming in just 2 days, and I'm already getting all giddy about it, as it's hands down my favorite holiday. For one day a year, all my family comes together to eat good food, drink good wine and be merry! But just 'cause Turkey Day is known to make you overindulge and feel the need to unbutton those pants, doesn't mean it has to be a day of gluttony. Here, 7 tips to make this years Thanksgiving just a tad healthier. 
1. Go for a morning run! Sign up for a Turkey Trot in your neighborhood, take a morning spin class at your gym, or just go for a light jog with your family. Starting your day off on the right track will make you feel much better throughout the day!
2. Eat breakfast! Many people fast before the big meal because they know how much food they are going to be eating. However, that's actually counterproductive. Instead, go for a healthy, light breakfast like fresh fruit with toast and nut butter, or an egg white omelet. This will keep you satisfied until Thanksgiving meal is served, and you'll be much less likely to overindulge.
3. Fill up on protein. Turkey is actually a healthy, lean protein that's super good for you so don't be shy on the meat! Pack on lots of turkey, and then several of your favorite side dishes. If your a vegetarian, make a good portion of your plate healthy veggies, like roasted butternut squash and broccoli and then pack on some of your favorite treats!
4. Do indulge in what you love...just not the whole darn dish! Don't be afraid to treat yourself. After all, it is Thanksgiving and this grand holiday only comes once a year. I like to fill my plate with lotsa healthy stuff, and then take a few good-sized scoops of my annual favorites, like my aunt's broccoli casserole (so cheesy and delish), grandma's stuffing and my mom's mashed potatoes with homemade gravy!
5. When dessert time rolls around, pick one dessert, like a slice of homemade cheesecake or apple pie. If your a try-all kinda gal, take a tiny sliver of each dessert that hits your eye, such as a small chocolate chip cookie, a corner of grandma's chocolate cream pie, and a scoop of pudding. Just don't overdue it and you'll feel good as new!
6. Share leftovers! If you host Thanksgiving at your household, give out doggie-bags to all your guests so your not eating Thanksgiving dinner again and again for the next week. If you travel for Thanksgiving, take a small to-go bag of your favorites if the host tries to hand out food at the end! Maybe you loved that cranberry sauce or string bean casserole, so feel free to take what you enjoyed most!
7. Walk it off! My family likes to take a 20 minute stroll after the big meal to digest a bit, that is if the weather holds up. Go for a quick walk to get all that food moving, and your tummy will feel a lot better afterward!

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