Monday, November 23, 2009

30 (More) "Happy Things"

I received so much positive, cheerful feedback from the post 2 weeks ago-"The Simple Things"-that I decided to post an additional 30 things that make me smile. Enjoy! : ) And please, add your own at the end!
1. English accents (or any accent for that matter)
2. Sitting by the TV on a rainy day and watching episode after episode of your favorite sitcom
3. S'mores by the campfire
4. Christmas CARDS
5. Colorful scarves
6. The smell of bacon upon waking
7. The first snowfall
8. Family vacations
9. Thanksgiving dinner
10. Summer BBQ's
11. Dressing up
12. Carving pumpkins+then roasting the seeds afterward
13. Couple's first dance at weddings
14. Sentimental toasts
15. Fancy hats on fancy ladies
16. Tea parties
17. Sleepover parties
18. Family dinners
19. Awkward people who aren't afraid to laugh at themselves
20. The color purple
21. Looking for beach glass and coming across that perfect shade of blue or purple
22. Listening to waves crashing at the beach
23. Decorating the Christmas PJ's...with Christmas music in the background
24. Little kids saying blunt things (ya just gotta laugh!)
25. Walking in the city for hours
26. Fresh flower bouquets
27. Naps
28. Warm laundry
29. Clean flannel sheets for the winter(especially warm socks and underwear)
30. Making homemade cookies all day long for loved ones. . . and licking the batter!

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Anonymous said...

just checking that I can still post a comment... and to say I LOVE THE SMELL OF BACON!!!!!!!!!