Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Confidence Boosters: In Your Lowest of Low Times

Last night, I was laying in bed watching the annual wintertime Victoria's Secret fashion show with my friend, something probably millions of other women were taking part in as well. Every year, come December, the Victoria's Secret angels walk the runways in gorgeous, glimmering bras, ginormous wings and tiny undies, rocking their hot skinny bods to the beat of the music. 
Before the fashion show even began, my friend looked at me and said "It's hard not to hate your body a little bit when it's over." 
The funny thing is, while I'm sure many women feel the same way, the VS fashion show shockingly makes me feel better about myself, exploding all of this positive energy. You see, before the show started, I was having a terrible day, and when I have a bad day I inevitably get down on myself, setting my confidence level at an ultimate low. 
But hearing the Black Eyed Peas sing "Boom Boom Pow" as the little skinny bitches walked down the runway pumped me up, well that along with a text from a good friend saying: "Rachel, you're amazing and everything about you is amazing. And you're beautiful. And tomorrow is another day, and you never know what good things it may bring."
She was right. It wasn't worth getting so down on myself, and letting my confidence go down with me. 
So, while for some of you, seeing skinny, little models in underwear may make you feel fat and ugly, for me it's having a bad day that onsets negative thoughts, and ultimately brings me down.
But, no matter what triggers those negative thoughts, here are 13 surefire ways to cheer you up and bring back that inner sexy confidence I know you all have.
1. Smiling-There's nothing like a frown that can bring your day down even more. Put on a smile, and people will perceive you as a happier, more confident person, and soon enough you'll feel that way yourself. 
2. Look in the mirror and find something you absolutely love about yourself. If it helps, put up motivational quotes around your bedroom mirror like "You are beautiful" or "You are healthy and strong." I know for me, I have my "ugly days", but taking a long look at myself and appreciating my strong legs that allow me to run 5ks, or my hazel eyes that vary from brown to green usually brightens me up just a tad.
3. Go on the web and get inspired by other people's words and ideas. A friend recently sent me a website she thought I'd enjoy with inspirational quotes of the day. Check it out, and explore some other sites while you're at it! Share your favorites below.
4. Put on some bright red lipstick or pretty pink lip gloss. It instantly makes you feel prettier.
5. Join a club, or sign up for a race with a friend. Being a part of a social network and looking forward to things will make you much happier altogether. Plus, you'll feel more productive, giving you a confidence boost like no other!
6. Surround yourself with a happy, confident friend. When your having a down-in-the-dumps day, steer clear of that Negative Nancy pal of yours, 'cause trust me-that's not gonna help the situation much. Instead, call up a family member or that positive go-to pal who never fails to make you smile!
7. Embrace Your Body-You know that episode on Sex and the City, where Charlotte is afraid to take her towel off in the steam room, 'cause she thinks her thighs are big? Then, she finally gets brave enough to let it go, and someone compliments her "great breasts." Well, even though that's fictional, it holds true in real life. When I was on Spring Break in Acapulco with my girlfriends a few years ago, a few of us were covering up our bikini's with shorts, towels or cover ups. But by day 2, we saw that people of all shapes and sizes were walking around the beach and pool, strutting their stuff, so we decided to "embrace our bods" and the confidence naturally came with it.
8. Take a long, steamy shower, shave and then cover your arms and legs with your favorite lotion. How could you not feel sexy afterward?
9. Pump up the music! Blast some feel good tunes that never fail to put you in a good  mood. Some of my favorites are "Video" by India Arie, "My Girl" by The Temptations, and anything by Beyonce or Fergie when I'm at the gym working out.
10. Get energized with a long, sweaty gym session in clothes that flatter your body. Too many people cover themselves up in big baggy sweats and over-sized Tee's. Instead, put something on that hugs your curves, and you'll feel much sexier. I love Victoria's Secret cropped yoga pants and a fitted tank.
11. Get inspired by other beautiful people-Don't let beautiful women intimidate you. Instead, let them motivate you and inspire you! Know that women of all shapes, colors and sizes are beautiful in their own way. Once you see the beauty in others, you will consequently find it in yourself. 
12. Finish a project-Clean out your closet, finish a book or paint your room once and for all. You'll feel wonderful knowing you got something done!
13. Put down the weight loss mags and read a feel-good article. Pick up a healthy cooking magazine or a women's running issue. Enough of that "Lose 10 Pounds in 10 Days" crap in all those diet mags. Indulge in something that's going to make you think out of the box and feel good about yourself instead. 


- just kaitlyn - said...

Hey - I'm new to your blog. I noticed someone who follows my blog also follows yours, so I checked it out. I loved this posting! I am on that road to getting to my healthy body weight, and I am doing so with gym sweat sessions and being more mindful of what I eat. I loved your 13 ways to feel confident - they are so true and I think I'm going to print it out and keep a copy by my mirror :) Thanks!

Rachel said...

Katilyn! I'm so glad you enjoyed my article and that it can help you personally boost your confidence : ) That right there is my goal: to make real women feel better about themselves and help find the answer to live a happy, healthier life! Have a wonderful day -Rachel