Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Trader Joe's: The Way to Go

I admit: I am (or was) a Whole Foods fanatic. I'm obsessed with their bulk nuts isle, ginormous salad bar and sampling tables. 
Well, the other day at work I was rambling on about my out-of-control obsession with Whole Foods Market, and a coworker responded, "You Mean 'Whole Pay Check?'" While at first I laughed, I got to thinking about how true that statement actually is. 
Seriously, every time I walk into Whole Foods, even if I'm just getting a small salad for lunch, I spend at least $10. Then on the days I actually go on a shopping spree, I rack up a quick $50 in no time!
Do we really have to throw away our entire pay checks just to eat healthy? Why must we pay such a great price to stay healthy and fit?
Well, good news is, we don't.
I've now thrown aside my Whole Foods phase, and have moved onto good ol' Trader Joe's, and couldn't be happier about my smart decision.
Trader Joe's has many of the same options as Whole Foods, but for much cheaper prices. Their vegetables, organic items, meals to go and signature chips, various nut butters and dips could not get any cheaper.
The other day, I went there and bought a package of organic veggie burgers, fresh garlic hummus, a tomato and eggs for (I kid you not) just a little over $5! If I had bought those same items at Whole Foods or another health food venue I'd be paying double or triple the price.
Seriously, Trader Joe's is the way to go when you wanna save some mullah. 
So ditch your expensive shopping routine for a more reasonable price and hit up Trader's today. Nothing's better than some delicious healthy cheap eatin'! 


SquashPro said...

Great blog! Love the shopping and exercise tips. Looking forward to hearing more!!

destinysara12 said...

I love your blog!

chercroce said...

I LOVE your blog and "Trader Joe's"!

Sarah said...

I love this blog! I'm really encouraged by your mission and can't wait to learn more from you. I found you through LifeStyler -- Lauren is a blogging friend of mine. I just wrote a post about Trader Joe's as well if you want to read it: