Saturday, September 19, 2009

7 Savory Money Savers: Healthy Choices to Save Big Bucks at the Supermarket

1. Sweet potatoes (about 50 cents a pop and so darn delicious)
2. Eggs (Got a dozen for $1.79 the other day--thats about 15 cents per egg...can't get much cheaper than that!)
3. Brown Rice (Buy it in the bulk section at any health food store for MUCH cheaper than boxed varieties, and this allows you to buy as much as you want)
4. Canned Tuna (Always a cheap favorite of mine--buy it in a big package of 6 or 12 for cheaper)
5. Apples: This time of year, they have bagged ones at grocery stores from local farms for great deals.  The other day I bought a dozen for $3.00, which is excellent considering they go for $2.00 a pop sometimes. Fall is also the perfect time of year to go apple picking with your guy or can pick 'n' eat as you go too!) 
6. Oatmeal 
7. Bananas-soooo some today at Trader Joe's for 19 cents each!

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