Friday, September 4, 2009

Budgeting Your Moolah the Healthy Way

Hi all! Sorry I haven't written in a few days. I have been moving into my apartment in Boston...and settling into the city. So far, I must say I am absolutely in love with everything about the area so far. From people watching on the t, sitting in quaint little cafes, walking everywhere I go and exploring the city, life has been good. No, I take that back: life has been great.

Anyway, the one thing that is not great about city life is how fast your money can go. I've found in the past few days that I am realllyyyy going to need to learn how to budget my bank account in Boston. 

Here, 5 ways to budget your money the healthy way:

1. Make your own coffee/tea at home: Do you realize that those daily trips to Dunkin Donuts and Starbuck's are damaging your bank account, majorly? Instead, purchase a coffee pot or tea kettle (split it with your roomies if you can) and make your own drinks at home cafe style. You can even add your own personal touch of love!

2. Research Farmer's Markets: Today, I came across the cutest little Farmer's Market by Kendall Square in Boston, and I purchased several fruits 'n' veggies for just $1.50. I'd pay almost $10 if I had purchased that at a typical grocery store. Seriously, Farmer's Markets and local non-chain grocery stores are the way to go to save big bucks on produce!

3. Walk, Walk, Walk: Walk wherever you can! Don't waste your cash on gas money or expensive public transportation when the place you're heading to is a walkable distance. Yes, I understand sometimes we are lazy and just don't want to walk the whole distance, but walk as often as you can...and get some exercise while doing it too! 

4. Donate Your Clothes: Donate the clothes that are too big on your, or just don't look good anymore. Why hang onto your "fat clothes" when you can purchase new, flattering clothes. Many consignment shops and stores these days even pay you for your old clothes, if they are in decent condition! Also, at the same time, you can purchase hand-me-down clothes in fabulous condition for super cheap prices at these kind of places. (Hey, they are new to you!) Look up local consignment shop listings to to find stores like this near you. 

5. Bring Out Your Inner Chef: Seriously, with tipping and high-priced menu items, restaurants can really rack up your spendings! Sure, it's fun to splurge and go out to eat once in a while, but why not try cooking on your own sometimes? Host fun, creative themed nights with your roommates or boyfriend, where each of you cook something healthy and delish. For example, you could have an Italian night with tomato and fresh mozzarella as an app, roasted veggies and whole wheat pasta for dinner with a delicious espresso style dessert (with maybe a touch of whipped cream!)  Visit my recipe blog at for more fun ideas in the kitchen!

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