Wednesday, September 16, 2009

LATE to Bed, Early to Rise. . .

OK, so I know how important sleep is. . . get your 8 hours of sleep each night, blah blah blah. But last night I ending up going to bed around 1 a.m. because I couldn't sleep from the jitters my black coffee gave me that  I had around 7 p.m. (I know, stupid move, especially when I am no longer a daily java-consumer as I used to be). 

But anyway, my point is that even though I went to bed so late, I still forced myself to resist pressing the snooze button on my 6 a.m. alarm and was able to drag myself out of bed this morning for a 7:15 bootcamp with Jaylin Allen from AIR Personal Fitness (Thanks Jaylin, great class today!) 

And the funny part is that I wasn't even that tired. In fact, while it may sound contradictory, waking up early to exercise actually made me more energized than ever! I had previously planned to go back to bed immediately after class, but I instead find myself awake, perky and ready to start my day (and already blogging!) 

I have to admit that with my new cave like room in Boston (the sun doesn't shine on my side of the apartment), it's extremely easy to sleep in. I have to be honest, I've been taking advantage of the darkness and sleeping in far too long, and consequently feeling ultra lazy throughout the rest of the day. 

So listen up ladies: I do stress the importance of getting your sleep, but also making time for morning exercise because it works wonders for your body and mind! 

Yes, I very well may crash later and might have to hit the sack a bit earlier tonight, but I feel better than ever right now due to me a.m. adrenaline rush I got from working out. 

So, be daring: set your alarm for the wee hours of the morning and get a run/walk in before work, school or whatever it is you do during the day! Don't worry: your snooze button won't miss you and will be there again tomorrow. : )

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