Friday, July 11, 2008

Sushi: A Diet Yes or No-No?

Just this past year, I have become extremely fond of the exotic dish: sushi. Before this year, I envisioned it as some scary, foreign raw "thing" that I would never dare place inside my mouth. However, after having a taste, I've become completely in love.

The only question is: does our diet love this exotic food as well?

The answer is YES: While sushi is high in carbohydrates from the white rice the surrounds the outside, it has many health benefits. The fish in the middle is extremely low in calories, containing fatty acids that help trim our waistlines. Also, since sushi often comes in rolls of 6 or 12 pieces, you don't have to finish the entire roll, and it definitely fills you up fast!

To make this delicacy even more diet-friendly, request your sushi with brown rice, which is now offered at certain restaurants. Also, if you order a more plain roll, such as the California or Tuna Roll (without the sauce), the calorie content will be lower, since it doesn't contain any extra creamy, fatty toppings.

So, go on girl: eat your sushi up and enjoy!

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