Monday, December 14, 2009

Quit the Jealousy: It's Not Pretty!

As women, we master the word jealousy a long way back, from the first day we begin kindergarten and are introduced to BOYS. It's just innately in our blood. Throughout life, we are jealous of other women's boyfriends, other women's jobs, and other women's lives in general. 
And I don't know if it's just me, but lately I've been observing a lot of women jealous of other women's bodies. It seems everywhere I go I overhear yet another woman complaining about her body, idolizing or wanting to look just like her girlfriend.
"Ahhh. . . if only I could be your size!" "I wish I had your legs," "God I hate that you can eat all that shit and still be a size 2!" 
These comments tend to come up left and right: at the corner coffee shop, on the T, at work, etc etc. My goodness, enough already ladies! These unnecessary negative comments are literally ringing in my ears all day long, giving me a headache.
I'm not going to lie. I myself went through a phase where all I did was compare myself to other girls, wishing I had what they had rather than accepting myself. But I stopped because I was literally driving myself crazy, bringing myself down whenever I couldn't live up to a "beautiful" person. I'd envy, hate, despise and even go as far as saying I wanted to be just like other women, never taking the time to appreciate my own beautiful self. 
I was jealous. And it wasn't pretty. It never is.
I then realized, why not pause for a second to think, why not just be happy with "me?" I know it's cliche to say, but everyone is different, we are all unique in our own ways, and that's what makes each and everyone one of us beautiful. 
Trust me, even if you lost the 10 pounds, trimmed down your legs to look like your personal trainer friend, and got that Barbie dream body, you still wouldn't be completely content because you'd just find something else to complain about. It's in our nature. Us women are simply never completely satisfied.
So quit stressing, let go of that competitive edge that exists inside of you, and start taking a long, hard look at yourself in a positive manner. 
You are beautiful, unique and perfect, despite the cellulite you have on your upper thighs, your arms that may jiggle a little more than you may wish and the fact that your jean size is one size bigger than your best friends. 
Embrace what you are and already have. Life will be much easier and happier once you do!


Jody said...

Thanks for this post. I am one of those ladies and this has helped to put some insight into what I need to do!

Rachel said...

Jody, I'm glad this post helped you put some thought into what you need to do to gain that confidence back. Just know you are beautiful and try to focus on yourself and your own personal goals, rather than aspiring to look like someone else. We are all beautiful in our own little ways! : )

- just kaitlyn - said...

I agree - jealousy is uuuugly! I prefer to look at a chick whose body I admire as a source of inspiration. Like, damn she has good arms! I better lift tomorrow! haha.