Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Question of the Week: What motivates YOU to work out?

We all, including myself, have those days where we just don't want to move. A day consisting of lying in bed seems absolutely wonderful. 

But then, there's that little thing that goes off in our brain, a thing known as motivation, where suddenly it clicks that lying in bed for the day wouldn't feel all that great in the end. I know for me, motivation comes from my personal goals of being an overall healthy young woman. Working out makes me feel good inside and out, and on days I don't work out, a little something is missing; I'm not as bright, bubbly or energized as usual. 

Therefore, I strive to make my workouts fun, creating fast-paced playlists on my ipod, or signing up for exciting, challenging group fitness classes like Zumba. Changing up my routine keeps my workouts fun and exciting, to the point where  I find myself ecstatic about lacing up my sneakers to go to the gym or run those 3 miles. The adrenaline rush and flushed face I get from my workouts make it all worthwhile to me in the end!

Now, I'd like to know what it is that motivates YOU to work out, to keep striving for your goals. What gets you out of bed on those lazy days?

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Kiley said...

Seeing fit people in cute work out clothes motivates me. Also, reading magazines where I see celebrities working out or talking about their exercise routine, it gets me out and going!