Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Healthy Tip Of the Day: Give in to Cravings a Lil

Just 'cause you're trying to eat healthy, don't deprive yourself of something you reallllllly want, whether it's that melt-in-your mouth brownie or your mom's homemade lasagna. Rather, have half of it and fill your plate with other healthy sides, like a fresh spinach salad, fruit or piece of grilled chicken or fish. If you completely neglect your cravings, you're going to get upset, and possibly end up eating even more in the end. So just have a bite or two to fulfill your needs and move on. 

For instance, this morning my grandma made homemade blueberry buckle. Now, normally I wouldn't have even tried it, but it was homemade with fresh blueberries straight out of the garden, and it just looked so good. I could have very well held back and had a piece of fruit, but I actually really wanted it, so I let myself have a small quarter of a piece, and I was completely satisfied. 

However, also listen to your mind and your stomach. If you aren't actually hungry, don't just eat to eat. Instead, go for one of these strategies to curb emotional eating.

*Share you're tactics of what you do when you reallllly want something not so good for you, or tell me about that one food you'll always have a bite of no matter what. 

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