Friday, July 24, 2009

5 Little Things To Do That'll Make You Instantly Happier

1. Plan a fun mini-getaway trip with a friend. It can be anything, from roaming the streets shopping in an antique town together, going wine tasting or decking out in your best outfits and having a fabulous ladies night out!

2. Dig through all that clutter in your room and separate stuff into boxes for keeps, trash and giveaway (to friends or Goodwill, for instance). Not only will your room feel much cleaner, but you never know what you'll come across. (Think: old high school yearbook or that silly note a friend wrote you years ago.)

3. Make a fresh cup of iced tea, and add lemon or fresh mint to it. Then, sit on your deck with a good book and just RELAX for once. You deserve it! For the best flavor, boil tea as you normally would and then add to a plastic cup filled with ice and voila

4. Write a letter to someone you care about and send it off. Make it pretty, by adding your own little touches, like little drawings, stickers or personal "gifts" like a mini candy or a tiny homemade craft.

5. Take a few minutes today to look in the mirror and truly love your body, appreciating what you have and all that it does for you. (No negative, hate thoughts allowed!) Yes, even if you think you have big thighs or a chubby gut, you are absolutely B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L just the way you are. I mean it!

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