Monday, December 1, 2008

The "Life list"

Today, my friend and I began discussing our future over lunch—not the scary, finance related kind of stuff, but rather the things we want to do with our lives.

My friend said that she wanted to do plenty of things in her life (such as publishing a book), and that we only have one life to live. So I figured, it's true: we do only have one life to live, so we may as well live it…and I mean live it.

I think we all need to take a break once in a while, pause and just absorb the world around us. Then, you’ll more clearly be able to see what is truly important and what your real priorities are.

When I tried doing this, I realized that life shouldn’t be about all the little things, and the worrying; the weight loss and heart-breaks. Yes, those may be the “problems” in our lives at the time, but it’s important to know that they shall pass.

Rather, life should be exciting, exhilarating rather. Instead of focusing on what we did, should have done, etc. we should focus on the now and the “to-do's.”

Therefore, I came up with a personal list of things I want to do for ME, and only me.

Some of the things on my list were:

Write everyday
Take time to travel in a different country for a while
Never give up on my dream to work at a health/fitness magazine
Worry less (about guys, mostly)

As you can see, my list is simple, and you too can write whatever you want because it’s your personal list—that is, for no one else’s eyes but your own. While it may be short and sweet, writing a simple to-do or goal list felt refreshing. Give it a try and see…

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