Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Body Rant

As women, we tend to naturally hate a particular body part (or two). For me, it was always my thighs. I used to absolutely HATE them. With a thin waist and not-so-big boobs, I couldn't understand why I had to be cursed with the massive thighs. I thought they were ugly, unfortunate and humongous, So I in turn spent the past five or so years covering them up. I'd never dare wear jeans, and would instead conceal my legs with flowy dresses and skirts. At the beach, I'd wear shorts over my bathing suit, risking an awkward tan line over potential humiliation.

However, something changed this past year. No, my thighs didn't miraculously melt. But, I gained a few doses of confidence, and am now able to accept my body the way it is. The other day, I laid on the beach in only my bikini for the first time in as long as I remember, and felt incredible about myself (and actually got an event tan for once). Yes, my thighs aren't teeny tiny and I'll never have big boobs, but I learned to love and embrace my fit, healthy curvy body the way it is (with all its imperfections). I realized that women are much too hard on themselves when regarding their body concept. The truth of the matter is that no one else picks out these body "flaws" except for you. As women, we tend to be our #1 critic (a very harsh critic at that), when in fact we need to become our #1 fan.

Everyday I hear women expressing their concerns about their body, be it they feel fat, don't like their flabby arms or can't stand the thought of their tummy in a bikini. However, the funny part is that the women who I hear talking this way tend to be absolutely beautiful in my eyes. While you may scrutinize the little things you dislike about yourself, others are admiring your beauty every day.

So I challenge you to work on admiring yourself for the next couple of days. Every time you think, "I wish I had her legs..." or "I'd kill for those abs..." or "If only I could have..." stop yourself. Instead, think "Wow, she's beautiful, but I love my killer smile and fabulously strong legs from all the running I do. I am strong. I am beautiful." Seriously, give it a try and watch your confidence levels soar!

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KaiTLyN said...

Rock on, sister! Love the positive energy :)