Thursday, February 18, 2010

Lent: No, Ya Don't Have to Give Up Chocolate or Beer

Every year when Lent comes along, hundreds of people give something up, something they feel life would be a little trickier without. I remember when I was 10 I gave up lollipops, when I didn't even really like them to try and beat the system. It was my most easy, breazy Lent by far. In high school I gave up bread, which was a little trickier seeing as though I used to be a bread-and-butter fanatic. Then in college I gave up peanut butter for 40 days, my one "guilty pleasure"/addiction which was absolutely miserable. In the end of it all, I had gained about 5 pounds from my lack of a healthy fat in my diet, and had a psychotic peanut butter binge session early Easter morning. I don't really see how that's benefiting me, my faith or anyone for that matter. In the movie "40 Days and 40 Nights," Josh Hartnett gives up sex, which is also stupid because sex is actually healthy for you and that's not doing anybody any good either.

So, I've concluded that this year I will instead do something to better myself, and others around me who I love. I have decided that for 40 days, I am going to write a "Thank You" note/Love letter sort of deal to a different person each day who has effected my life in some way. Whether they've been there for me always, or have just changed my life in a little, simple way, each note will be different and unique to that particular person. Now, I'm gonna try to stick to the whole "go green" thing and email my letters of affection to save some paper, but for those who don't have email I will stick to the traditional snail mail.

I just feel that sometimes in life we all get so caught up in it all, frantically stressing over work, relationships, money, etc. Sometimes it's nice to just reflect on it all, and cherish the little things that mean a whole lot more than all the other crap.

Good luck to all of the rest of you enduring on this Lent journey. I hope you can find something to do that is meaningful to you as well. I wish you all a healthy, happy Thursday! *Rachel*

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Donna Culpepper said...

I am so proud of who you have become! I fondly remember you so small and Cait's best friend. I remember thinking about where life would take you all-of course not havin a single clue-well except for my daughter-I think everyone knew she was destined to perform someday, the dramatic stay dramamtic! But you were this quiet, shy little girl who didn't seem to be bothered by anything, and a picky eater too as I recall. And now- you are this amazing-outward beautiful person with amazing talents! My hats off to Jane and Mike for doing such a great job as parents. This is one of the things I adore about FB, to follow the young on their journeys thru life and are allowed to get little snapshots into their souls. When you are a famous writer someday I will be proud to say I know you! Keep up the good work!