Thursday, November 13, 2008

What ever happened to pleasing the customer?

The other day, I was venturing off to yet another day at the library to study for my law exam. And, knowing me and the caffeine addict that I am, I stopped to get some coffee before my day in "jail."

However, my morning coffee dose wasn't nearly as pleasant as I would have expected. In fact, it turned in to a complete horror story.

Well, I decided to go to Sheetz, the little gas station/convenience store down the road, and I ordered a standard iced coffee with soy milk-no extra sugar, no extra cream, no extra whip, just plain coffee, or so I thought.

I even mentioned to the girl making it ahead of time, "Please don't add too much milk. I just want plain coffee. Thanks."

I thought I was being polite, at least.

But when I took the ever-so anticipated sip of my morning java, it came as quite a surprise-straight up sugar would be an understatement. In fact, I couldn't even taste a hint of coffee.

So, I asked politely if I could have another one made, explaining my sensitivity to really sweet food, and my dietary needs. Normally, this would be no problem: after all food venues should please the customers, right?

Well, not today. Rather, she was rude to me and told me I should have ordered a plain coffee, and she said that the unnecessary sweetness was "how they make it here."

I guess the lesson learned for all of us is that we can't always trust restaurants/fast food joints/etc. to make it "our way." Best bet: next time save your money and make your food the way you like it at home.

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